Posted by: wwmbt | April 25, 2010

Eating well when it’s out of your control

So this afternoon I had to say goodbye to my little girl, take a break from my maternity leave, and head upstate to a small town conference center for a mid-level associate retreat for work.  Not the funnest thing to do for a few days though it’s amazing how much longer an hour break to do whatever I want feels to me now that I have a newborn, especially when I know it won’t be cut short by another nap gone wrong (particularly awesome  since I have a terrible napper) _ feel so luxurious right now in my room, enjoying a cup of coffee and fooling around on the internet (though I do miss her terribly already).  There is one major downside to this trip though – it’s heavy on cocktail hours and group three-course meals and I don’t have any say in the menu so I’m really hoping I can try to maintain some semblance of reasonable eating while I’m here… only time will tell though I am going to follow a few simple rules:

1. Generally go for the fish, but do ask how it’s prepared first – you don’t want it to come covered in cream sauce.

2. Be weary of the bread basket.

3. Limit cocktail hours to a glass of wine or two or even three but stay away from margaritas and other super high calorie drinks.

4. Under no circumstances should you finish dessert… and if given a choice, go for the fresh fruit and cream though I bet that’s not an option in upstate NY in February…

Really hoping to make the best choices that I can within the limits I’m operating in.  I even brought some 100-calorie packs with me for snacks – you know, instead of having a giant bagel or cookie, which is what I’m sure they’ll have out – par for the course for these types of things.  I’m a much better dieter when I’m fully in control of my food.  Ah, well… what can you do.  Nada.  Wish me luck!


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